What happens when I miss a payment?

When you miss a payment, we will let you know via SMS, email and post explaining the following: 

  • Unless otherwise stated, a default fee is applied. For personal customers, this is £27.50. For commercial customers, please refer to your credit agreement.
  • We will provide you with a 'last chance date', which is your deadline to make a payment to avoid your agreement being cancelled.  
  • We will make another attempt to collect this payment within 7-10 days if your bank details are valid on our system. 
  • If this second attempt is unsuccessful or your bank details are not valid, we will issue you an additional arrears reminder by email or post within 7-10 days of the original payment date. 

The letter we send you will confirm if there is another collection attempt scheduled and what date we will reapply to your bank for this payment. 

You can bring your account up to date at any point in this process by making a payment via our payment portal- just click the button below.