Pikl picks PremFina as on-going financial partner

Innovative brokers Pikl, who create insurance solutions for the sharing economy, have renewed their partnership with PremFina to provide customers with premium financing options for another four years.

The two FinTechs aim to shake up traditional insurance models and provide modern cover that’s responsive, forward-thinking, affordable - and easy to interact with.

That means people who let or share their properties, vehicles or parking can get a specialist, tailored policy – and pay for it flexibly directly from the Pikl platform - releasing themselves from the annual premium cycle.

PremFina UK & Ireland CEO Sharon Bishop said: “I’m delighted Pikl have picked PremFina again to provide premium finance options for their customers at the point of sale. There is so much synergy between our organisations - we’re both trying to re-imagine insurance and evolve with consumer needs, and deliver that seamlessly and smoothly through technology. Together we’re setting more people free to do things differently, without compromising on their all-important safety-net.”

From a customer perspective, with the cost-of-living crisis driving people to look at controlling costs and new income streams, flexibility in payment options is also becoming increasingly important.

Louise Birritteri, CEO and Founder of Pikl, said: “It’s great to be able to offer Pikl customers the option to pay for their policies in a flexible way – and PremFina makes it an incredibly easy process for them – and for us. Renewing that partnership for another four years just made sense. We’re looking forward to working together to continue to adapt to rapidly changing customer needs, and to empower people to share safely and confidently.”