PremFina empowers brokers by allowing them to maximise control over their customer relationships through providing them with their own-branded premium finance software and financing options.


PremFina SaaS

White-label software to manage insurance policies

PremFina Cash

White-label software to manage insurance policies


Financing to fund payment plans

Earn greater return on your cash by financing insurance policies and using our white-label software

Use our loan facility to extend financing to your customers and white-label software to offer premium finance in-house

Tailored and hybrid packages available. Contact us to discuss your requirements.


PremFina's white-label premium finance software gives you:

Financing Option

Flexible financing options, including no financing required (broker uses own funds), part financing (mix of broker and PremFina financing), or full financing


Brand and control all your customer communications


Take total control of your own business and customers


With PremFina's white label software, brokers gain greater control over their business by dictating what is shared with their customers through customisable communications and making informed decisions through real time access to data.

Plug and Play

    Our solution allows you to easily and cost-effectively plug-and-play onto PremFina's platform


    Our automated system integrates seamlessly with your existing policy administration system


    It's easy to operate and comes with smart and user-friendly features to manage your finance solutions


Bennetts - A Division of Saga

Bennetts - A Division of Saga

PremFina gives us control across the entire customer life cycle, which is exactly what we needed to further add value to our customers


Assura Protect

PremFina's support for our business has been excellent! Its partnership approach is truly unique for the industry allowing relationships to evolve from finance provider to platform facilitator- while letting business stakeholders choose the level of participation that meets their needs best. We couldn’t be happier with our decision to work with PremFina today ... and how it will scale with our business in the future.

PMW Commercial Solutions Ltd

PMW Commercial Solutions Ltd

The team at PremFina are without doubt the most effective finance company to have and work with. Since starting with them, my own company has seen growth that has surpassed my expectations. The ease of the software and the friendliness of the staff at the company is second to none. The whole process is effortless, swift and no messing about. Just what you need for an Insurance broker, when you have clients waiting to go on cover. I have already recommended two of my fellow brokers to head towards the team at PremFina. I would have no hesitation in recommending them to anyone.

Robert J Goodson Ltd

Robert J Goodson Ltd

What a breath of fresh air. It's premium finance with a difference. PremFina listen and they help! PremFina have been a pleasure to deal with. They make the process as easy and as hassle free as possible for all parties.

PremFina have restored my confidence in this sector by instilling customer service values into the core of their business. Go PremFina!

QS Insurance

QS Insurance

I decided to give PremFina a try following several years of mediocre service from either one of the existing players in the premium finance market. I have to say that the service has been a breath of fresh air! Personal, attentive and willing to accommodate. The online platform, whilst in its relative early stages, has proved to be the match of my previous facility and they are clearly working to improve this all the time. Indeed the setup process for a new loan could not be easier and quicker then my old supplier.

Larsen Howie

Larsen Howie

Using PremFina has been a huge advancement for us – by utilising their state of the art technology to integrate directly into our site, and combining it with their excellent, proactive and attentive account management, we’ve took our customer service offering to the next level and gained on our competitors.

Reactive Insurance

Reactive Insurance

The team and PremFina have been exceptional in implementing a premium finance solution throughout our business, PremFina’s level of customer care and training has been exceptional, making the whole process easy and ensuring we delivered the results we required. PremFina’s premium finance product and system are to a high standard and comprehensive, combining this with their outstanding support this has allowed us to grow faster.

One Call

One Call

In 2016 One Call recognised a great opportunity to undertake our own premium financing, not only for improving profitability but also in supporting our customers by having no third parties involved. Following detailed research of the market place, PremFina was the only solution offering the flexibility, technology and scalability that One Call felt fitted its requirements. Since commencing our own premium financing in March 2016, PremFina have fully supported us in starting and growing our own premium finance book, generating impressive returns on our capital invested, and improving our overall customer experience through single branding. The system is easy to use and the management information, which has been adapted to our needs, provides excellent detail for monitoring and analysing loans financed. With PremFina’s excellent customer service assisting us, the system has proved to be a great success. We are continuing to expand our own premium finance book as a result and further grow our relationship with PremFina. We would recommend you talk to PremFina and learn more about its offering.


PremFina Voted as 100 Best InsurTechs in EMEA Region

KleinBlue Ratings 2018

Excellence in Premium Finance Solutions

Corporate LiveWire’s 2016 Finance Awards

Best for Own Branded Premium Financing & Best Premium Finance Newcomer

Business Awards 2015

Finance Solutions Provider of the Year & Gamechanger of the Year

ACQ Global Awards 2015

Startup of the Year

Hot Companies and Best Products Awards 2015

Best for Generating Increased Returns for Brokers & Best In-House Premium Finance Facility

Wealth & Money Management Awards 2015

Customer FAQ`s

Who is PremFina?

PremFina is an insurance premium finance company. We work with insurance brokers and their customers and help spread the cost of insurance premiums through a monthly direct debit arrangement. When your insurance broker arranges your insurance, he will likely offer you a direct debit payment facility. If you accept this payment option, you will enter into a credit agreement with PremFina that is regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority. PremFina will then administer the direct debit arrangement.

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I want to discuss my insurance policy.

PremFina only administers your direct debit payment arrangement. If you need to discuss your insurance policy, you should contact your insurance broker directly.

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I want to make changes to my insurance policy.

PremFina only administers your direct debit payment arrangement. If you want to make changes to your insurance policy, you should contact your insurance broker directly.

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I want to cancel my insurance policy.

Please contact your insurance broker if you want to cancel your insurance policy.

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I want to cancel my credit agreement.

Please contact your insurance broker if you want to cancel your credit agreement with PremFina. Your insurance broker will send us any request to cancel it. We will then arrange cancellation of your credit agreement and notify you. Please note that you can only cancel your credit agreement if you have paid off your loan from us in full or if your insurance policy has been cancelled.

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Why have my monthly direct debit payments changed?

This is most likely due to a change having been made to your insurance policy that has resulted in a change in the premium. The resulting additional premium or return premium will mean a change in your direct debit payment amounts.

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I have received a payment default letter from PremFina. What should I do next?

If you miss a payment, or if your payment was unsuccessful, PremFina will notify you in writing by email or post. We will try to collect the payment by direct debit 9 days from the date of our communication. Should the second collection attempt be unsuccessful, we will require you to make a payment by debit or credit card within the time frame stated in our communication.

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How do I make a missed payment?

You can make this payment by calling PremFina on 0203 500 3462 or email us at queries@premfina.com. Please ensure you have your credit agreement number to hand.

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I am struggling to make my monthly direct debit payments. What should I do next?

Please call PremFina on 0203 500 3462 or email us at queries@premfina.com to discuss if you are having difficulty making your monthly direct debit payments. You may also find it helpful to contact the Citizens Advice Bureau for advice: https://www.citizensadvice.org.uk

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Can I change my monthly payment date?

Please call PremFina on 0203 500 3462 or email us at queries@premfina.com with your credit agreement number to hand and we will consider your request. Please note that we cannot amend the date of the first direct debit payment.

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Can I repay the balance of the loan I owe to PremFina in full?

Under the Credit Consumer Act you are entitled to repay sums that you have borrowed early, either in full or in part. If you wish to make an early repayment, please call PremFina on 0203 500 3462 or email us at queries@premfina.com.

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I have changed my bank. What should I do?

You can notify PremFina of your new bank details by calling us on 0203 500 3462 or emailing us at queries@premfina.com

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I want to change my personal details. What should I do?

If your name, address or contact information have changed, then please call PremFina on 0203 500 3462 or email us at queries@premfina.com.

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Do I have to sign a credit agreement?

Yes, you do have to sign your credit agreement. The details of your running account credit agreement with PremFina are contained in your credit agreement. For consumers, this is regulated by the Consumer Credit Act 1974. It is important that you read your credit agreement, together with other information enclosed in your welcome letter. Please sign a copy of your credit agreement and return it to us.

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Can I sign my credit agreement electronically?

Yes. You will receive a welcome letter from PremFina with the steps you need to take to e-sign your credit agreement online.

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I want to make a complaint.

Details of PremFina’s complaints procedure are contained in your credit agreement.

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What fees do you charge?

Details of PremFina’s fees and charges are contained in your credit agreement.

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How will my monthly payments be shown on my bank statement?

The payment will be shown on your bank statement as “FCC re PremFina Ltd”.

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